Each portfolio offers a look or quality. Each look is done per request of the client.


Natural & Simple Makeup Looks

These looks are more simple looks that use minimal product. These are perfect for getting photos taken, simple outings or if you’re generally not a makeup wearer. These looks are done by request because they often lead to less foundation/concealer and natural or no lashes.

Mature Makeup Looks

These makeup looks are perfect for those who struggle with fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging. These looks range from wedding looks to family photos and more. These are all done by request, it is important to remember that some mature women want full coverage while others prefer a more medium or light coverage.

Halloween Makeup Looks

All of these looks are done for Halloween or other similar events where face paint and/or very dramatic makeup looks are needed. All of these looks are done per request, if you are interested in booking for an appointment like this please have an idea or image of what you’re wanting.

Dramatic & Glamorous Makeup Looks

These looks have more color, glitter, and are overall more dramatic than a typical application. These are perfect if you are a makeup lover, for proms, for glamorous weddings, or if you’re just wanting something out of the norm than what you usually wear.

Male Makeup Looks

These are all the looks I’ve done on men whether that be natural or dramatic. These looks accentuate the best features of the face and also offer beard filling if needed. Some of these looks are much more natural for wedding photos or other photos to simply cover discoloration or acne while others are more feminine. All are done by request.

Women Of Color Makeup Looks

These are all looks done on women of color or darker skin complexions. These looks are done by request and can be as dramatic or as simple as you prefer. I’ve included this portfolio because I often get questions to see if I can accommodate darker complexions.

Neutral Wedding Makeup Looks

This portfolio is perfect for that simple, yet glamorous wedding look. Neutral smokey eyes with soft lips. This is the most popular look as it typically represents a “natural” look while still providing full coverage and structured contour. This style of look is also the most popular among Pinterest “wedding” looks.


Professional Portfolio

These are all photos of the makeup from a professional standpoint. Most of these are wedding photos from professional photographers. All of these photos are used with permission from the photographers and you may contact me if you wish to know more information about the photographer.

Younger Girls Makeup Looks

These are typically flower girls or junior bridesmaids. These looks are all done by request and they only done with permission of the parent or guardian. Lashes for these looks are optional and they often come with a much lighter application of products. These can be done for birthday parties, mom & daughter days, dad & daughter dances, and so much more.