How did you get started in makeup? +

When I was in high school I did some modeling and there were girls at the shoots who did makeup. I found it so fascinating! When I started playing around with makeup I got more and more people asking me to do theirs. I began to offering makeup services during college as a side business. Once I began working in my field after graduating from OSU with my bachelor's, I realized that I wasn't fully happy working in an office and I chose to quit and pursue a makeup career which I now do full time!

Where are you located? +

I'm currently located at 523 N Columbus St, Lancaster OH 43130. You can see a map below and on the scheduling page.

Do you offer hair services as well? +

Nope! I only offer makeup services ranging from wedding makeup to halloween makeup. Trust me, you don't want me doing your hair!

How long have you been doing makeup? +

I've been doing makeup professionally since 2012 averaging 66 weddings per year.

Is there anything you want me to know? +

  • I am SO excited about your big day or special event and I'm truly honored that you chose me to help enhance your natural beauty. This means that I want you to be 100% honest with me. Please tell me exactly what you have in mind and if there's something you don't like please let me know! After all, it is just makeup. It wipes off :)
  • I want you to want to be here. Don't feel pressured to get your makeup done if you truly don't want it to be. That is no fun for either one of us.
  • Please remember that I'm human. I'm a self-employed mom and there's just one of me. Sometimes things happen outside of my control and I'm at the mercy of every other client I have the day of your appointment. This means that sometimes if someone else is late, it can put me behind. I will of course do my best to ensure your appointment is as close to perfect as possible but things can happen.
  • You can relax. Don't feel concerned about your crows feet or blackheads. Don't worry about your dry skin or sparse brows. I do this ALL the time and I've worked on thousands of faces. No one is perfect and I'm not here to judge you.

Do I need to bring my own products? +

Nope! I provide every single product including lashes for every appointment! Of course, if there is a special product that you want me to use I'm happy to do so.

I've never gotten my makeup done before. What should I expect? +

I will walk you through everything! I'll let you know when to close your eyes or look up or when I need you to move. I provide everything and you don't need to provide me with any ideas or photos of how you want it done if you don't have something in mind. I will do every step from primer to setting spray so be prepared to sit in the chair for about an hour. I'm totally down to chat the whole time (that is until I do your lip stick ha ha). If there are ANY questions I don't answer here, please reach out to me here. I want you to have a perfect experience!

Are lashes extra? +

Nope! False eyelashes are included in every appointment. You are welcome to opt out of lashes if you'd prefer not to wear them but I always recommend trying them first and then if you really don't want to wear them, then we can take them off.

Pricing? +

You can view all of my pricing and the services that I offer HERE!

What payment methods do you take? +

The deposit can only be paid with a debit/credit card. On the day of, the remainder can be paid via cash, card, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Chase QuickPay, Facebook Messenger, or check.

What is your availability? +

You can view all of my availability HERE!

How many people can you accommodate? +

I can do up to 11 people in a single bridal party. It takes me roughly 45 min per person however, so please take that into account when booking.

How long does the makeup take to do? +

It takes me roughly 45 min per person. However, this means that it could take only 30 min or it could take an hour. It all depends on your specific look.

How long does the makeup last? +

This is my favorite question! It lasts a minimum of 16 hours under normal wear. "Normal wear" means your not rubbing your face into a pillow or running a marathon. Here are a few examples of how long it lasts. This is an Instagram video. This is a full YouTube tutorial. I occasionally will do someone's makeup the night before an event if I'm unavaible the day of and as long as you sleep face up it still looks great the next day! I even have some clients who swear by being able to wear the makeup the following day!

Will the lipstick stay on? +

Yes! I use primarily Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks which are matte and long-wearing. However, it is wise to avoid oily food as oils remove the lip color.(Remember how oil is in makeup remover?) And you should probably brush your teeth prior to application.

What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment? +

The best thing to do is to be sure your skin is freshly washed before your appointment. Try to exfoliate the night before as well because I'm powerless to flakes on the skin. You can exfoliate by either using a pre-packaged scrub in any skincare section of a store or you can make your own by mixing sugar and oil together (olive oil or coconut oil are best) and massaging it into your skin. It's also a good idea to wear a button-down shirt so that if you are planning to change you don't have to pull a tight collar over your head.

Should I do a trial before my wedding? +

This is 100% up to you! If you feel like you'd like to see how your makeup will look before your wedding you can book a trial here. Trials are separate from the package pricing because they're optional. I recommend booking your trial on the day of the bridal shower or perhaps your bachelorette party!

Do I have to come to you or do you come to me? +

For all appointments that are single appointments, you will come to me. Any group wedding appointments with 2 or more people I will be happy to come to you! Please try to have a table or flat surface and a window (for natural light) available for me when I come to you.

What do you bring with you to a wedding appointment? +

I bring a director's chair, an anti-fatigue mat to stand on, a ring light, and a fully stocked kit! No need to provide any chairs or anything like that!

Should I get my hair done first? +

This is personal choice and totally up to your stylist. As a makeup artist, as long as you don't have straight across bangs your hair doesn't really affect my ability to work.

What if I have allergies? +

Please disclose any allergies in advance and if you feel that your skin is too sensitive I'm happy to use your products if you have any that you prefer. If you're not sure what ingredients cause you to have a reaction it might be best to not get your makeup done at all.

How early can we start? +

Don't forget above where I discussed how long the makeup lasts! I'm happy to start at early at 7 a.m. and if you feel you need earlier go ahead and request it on my contact page here!

How much is travel? +

The first 25 miles are free (for group appointments) and then every mile after $0.57 per mile there and back. Travel is calculated from 523 N Columbus St, Lancaster OH 43130

Am I supposed to show up a little early? +

Please show up on time to your appointment. If you're 15 min or more early I won't be ready for you and you'll have to wait.

Is it cheaper if I just do a natural look? +

This is a common misconception. Since all of the looks I do involve high end products the price doesn't change. Also, even a more natural look likely involves more than just some mascara and lip gloss. If you feel that you want an extremely minimal look it may be best to reach out to me prior to booking.

What if I just want my eye makeup done and nothing else? +

At the moment, this is not something I offer. This is largely due to the fact that when I'm finished with your makeup, you are now a representation of my work. I want my work to be a true representation of what I offer which I don't feel like I can do with an "a la carte" style menu.

What if I'm late? +

I will do my best to accommodate you, but if you're 15 min or more late then I'll be forced to cancel your appointment so that I won't put other clients behind.

Is tip included in the price? +

Nope! It is completely up to you if you choose to tip however my pricing compiled using a special algorithm of my experience, product costs, and business costs. Tipping is appreicated when you've had a good experience, but it's not necessary or included.

Coupons, discounts, and specials? +

Coupons are posted during holidays and are offered privately for repeat clients. Discounts that are available are included already in the price. Any specials I'm currently running are on the booking page!

What brand/s do you use? +

This is a great question! I do not work for any single brand or company therefore I offer a large variety of brands. Every product that I use is tested thoroughly for 3-4 months before it earns a spot in my kit. Most of the brands I use are considered high end with a few exceptions. If you're wanting to know a specific product that I've used in a photo of myself, I link them all on my instagram. Here is a working list of brands I use and I use a wide variety of the products within those brands.

Do you sell any of the products you use? +

At the moment, this is not something I offer.

Are the products you use cruelty free/vegan? +

At the moment, all of my products I use are cruelty free however brands have the capability of changing this at any time. If this is something that is important to you, please leave that in the "concerns" section when booking your appointment.

How much will I owe on the day of my appointment? +

When booking your appointment there is a final total price. To book your appointment you must put down a 30% deposit to hold the time slot. On the day of, you'll owe the remainder. This is all listed on the booking. For example: Wedding Guest Application is $80. Deposit is $24(30%). $80 - $24 = $56. Therefore you would owe $56 on the day of.

What if I have to cancel? +

If you are cancelling a wedding appointment, you must do so at least 30 days or more in advance. After the 30 day mark you will be charged the remainder on the day of your appointment. If you're cancelling any single, non-wedding appointments you must do so within 48hrs of the appointment. Otherwise you will be charged the remainder. Here is a link to all the terms and conditions.

What if I have to reschedule? +

As long as you're rescheduling before the cancellation time limit you are free to do so as many times as needed!

What if I paid for a 6 person bridal party and someone drops out? +

This is considered a cancellation. If you change the total number of people getting makeup before the 30 day mark you won't be charged for that person. However, the deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable once it is paid so I recommend double checking with those getting makeup prior to putting down the deposit. You do have the option however to chose someone else to get their makeup done as long as you have the original number of people, it doesn't make a difference to me! Here's a link to all the terms and conditions.

What if I don't want my picture taken? +

That's totally ok! Just click that option when booking and let me know on the day of (in case I forget) and that's no problem!

Do you offer client privilege? +

Your information is never shared with anyone or any third parties.

Can I pay in advance? +

Yes! You have the option to pay in advance either by contacting me or clicking the link in the confirmation email. You can also pay in full when you go to book!

When do you charge travel? +

Travel charges are due on the day of, if you pay in full for your appointment you will be required to pay the additional travel charges on the day of the appointment. Travel is only extra past 25 miles.